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Выставка Логистики и Складов INTRALOMAG 2017

Wyślij Печать Pobierz Добавлено,: Katy Chouneiko | 2017-11-27 11:34:47
логистические центры, инвесторы, экспортеры

29 - 30 ноября 2017 г., Лодзь

In the autumn INTRALOMAG for the second time in Lodz !

Logistics Warehouse INTRALOMAG Trade is a quite new event in the calendar of Lodz International Fair dedicated to the industry of internal warehouse logistics, transport and investments in logistics centers.

The second edition will be held 29 - 30 November 2017 r. in Lodz. Organizer meets the expectations and needs of the dynamically developing Polish market for storage services. All the necessary elements for the effective functioning of the warehouses which are an important link contributing to the optimization of the supply chain as well as stimulating innovation of the branch will be presented in the modern exhibition place – Expo – Łódź hall.

Together with the Marshalls Office we organize the accompanying event, which is III Forum of the Investors and Exporters. The main topic of the Forum will be logistic and its impact on the internationalization companies. Representations of the foreign and local regions, investors and companies will be invited to participate in this event.

Fairs, Investors Area and Forum are the complementary events held in the same time and place. It is the only such event in Poland, which will show the meaning of logistics for polish regions. Łódź is the best place for organizing this kind of buissness event, because Łódź woivodship is located in the center of Poland and it is one of the biggest logistics and warehouse market in Poland.

Łódź is the perfect place for organizing this type of event because of localization our voivodship in the center of Poland. We have a great logistics potential not only because of localizazion, but also due to huge amount of logistic services, great road infrastrucute and a lot of warehouses.

You can register for free at www.intralomag.pl or In the Organization Office during the fair.

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