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The Fast Textile International Textile Fair 2017 - Выставка Текстиля 2017

Wyślij Печать Pobierz Добавлено,: Katy Chouneiko | 2017-07-25 14:51:28
текстиль, аксессуары, ткани, обувь, одежда, украшения

16-18 ноября 2017 г., Надажын

The Fast Textile International Textile Fair is the most important event in the Polish world of fabrics and accessories. It was created in response to the market’s need for such events and it quickly became the largest endeavour of that rank in Central Europe.

The Fair – logistically and logically conceived – takes place in Europe’s largest exhibition and congress centre, Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. The Fair Hall will be divided into special craft zones: fabrics/knitwear, accessories, yarn, machinery, haberdashery and services, home textiles.

The major goal of the Textile Fair is to create space enabling manufacturers and exhibitors to establish trade relations. Location in the capital of Poland makes it a perfect place for manufacturers from whole Poland and from abroad.

Participation in the Fair gives a great opportunity to learn about trends for a given season and find out about new technologies used in textile industry. The Fair’s rich offer captures attention particularly thanks to the record number of manufacturers. This means a unique chance to order or buy anything you need to create clothes, i.e. fabrics, textiles, yarn, accessories and machinery.

Why is it worth to visit the Fast Textile International Textile Fair?

• fabrics straight from manufacturers

• low prices

• over 250 exhibitors from all world

• newest trends for spring/summer 2017: patterns, colours, structure, materials

• rich offer of new patters of sartorial accessories


Visit the 4rd edition of the Fast Textile International Textile Fair: check new trends and make your collection stand out for the next season! Register now: http://fasttextile.com/en/


Adam Ścibór

Business Development Specialist

tel.: +48 518 739 112

mail: a.scibor@ptak.com.pl


Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn



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