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Smoke curtains

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Адрес компании диктор предложение
Global System Wojciech Jawor
33-386 Podegrodzie
Brzezna 495
Контактное лицо
Piotr Michalik
Тел: 734462346

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Описание порядка

GSF KDR/KDS antismoke curtains are designed to be applied on the premises with isolated smoking areas.

Typical smoke curtain functions:

• Forming smoke compartments by capturing smoke and limiting its movement

• Directing the smoke along a pre-determined route

• Preventing or delaying the influx of smoke into other areas or air gaps.
Both automatic smoke curtains (GSF KDR) and fixed smoke curtains (GSF KDS) fulfill the same function, but in the case of GSF KDR there is a possibility of hiding them when not used.

Дополнительные сведения

The curtain consists of the rolled cloth made of antismoke fabric. The individual stripes of fabric are stitched together using special, fireproof thread. The cloth is fixed to the roller using the angle plate made of galvanized steel sheet. The bottom edge of the cloth ends with a weight bar. The roller is made of the seamed tube 88,9 mm in diameter. On one end it is finished with a steel cap, which is mounted to the console using a steel support. On the other end a tubular motor is fixed to the consol with a clip. The curtain is controled from a control station. The elements of the roller's casing are made of the appropriately shaped galvanized steel sheet and screwed together with galvanized steel M6 blind rivet nuts and M6x16 button head screws. The cloth of the GSF KDR smoke curtain is kept in the open position and is spooled onto the roller. In case of danger it is brought down into the operational position, thus isolating a given area.


  • EN 12-101-1:2005+A1:2006

код CPV

  • Emergency and security equipment



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