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Payroll & Personell services

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BPG Polska Audyt Sp. z o.o.
00-203 Warszawa
Bonifraterska 17
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Mateusz Zieliński

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Angielski, Niemiecki, Polski,

Описание порядка

The outsourcing of human resources and payroll services is becoming a popular solution used by various enterprises. Outsourcing your human resources and payroll services to an external company has a lot of advantages. The most important benefits are the reductions of costs related to the operation of an enterprise, such as the costs of maintaining qualify employment posts, purchase of necessary computer hardware, payroll software and the confidentiality of salaries.

Дополнительные сведения

Personnel services

I. Electronic access for the employees to their own HR and payroll data,
II. Electronic access for the management board to the HR and payroll data of subordinate employees and their own,
III. Platform for electronic communication between the accounting office and its clients,
maintenance of employee personal files, remuneration records, leave records or work time records,
IV. Inspection of employee's history documents,
V. Referrals for medical examinations,
VI. Preparations of employment agreements, civil law agreements, certificates of employment and statements conformant to the Labor Code,
VII. Records of medical certificates.

Payroll services

I. Registration and deregistration of employees in the National Social Service (ZUS),
II. Creation of payment schedules and payment slips,
III.Calculation of sick leave remunerations and benefits, holiday equivalents, bonuses and rewards,
IV. Overtime settlement,
V. Creation and sending of settlement declaration to the National Social Service along with all required attachments and transfer on National Social Service (ZUS) approved forms, as well as VI. Monthly RMUA reports,
VII. Creation of PIT-4R settlement declarations for the Tax Office, yearly PIT-11 and PIT-40 tax settlements for employees,
VIII. Creation of PFRON settlement declarations,
IX. Filling out of forms for the National Statistical Office (GUS)

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